Enetsky Healthcare Internet Service

Telehealth Internet Solution

Telehealth Internet Affordable Connectivity Bridging the digital divide and ensuring all Africans have access to broadband connectivity is about more than just the convenience of streaming entertainment or a requirement for business, government and education – connectivity is quickly becoming an essential way of providing high quality medical care. Telehealth services can connect rural and […]

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Government Solutions

Government Solutions

Enetsky Government Solutions Unprecedented performance, flexibility, and scale As you strengthen operations with digital technology, we provide commercial satellite systems that stand up to the increasing data demands of military, social, and economic campaigns Enetsky Government Solutions, government and allies require – and the information superiority and mission assurance they demand. Leveraging our state-of-the-art satellite

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Banking & Finance

Reliable Connectivity in Banking & Finance For the banking and financial services sector, reliability and security are the most critical. With numerous transactions occurring across multiple bank branches, secure communication platforms that can deliver sensitive information is an essential requirement. The communication platform must also be flexible and able to adjust with the bank’s growth,

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Oil & Gas Connectivity

Oil & Gas Connectivity Our satellite services feature virtually worldwide coverage via Ku-, Ka- and C-Band Enetsky is revolutionizing offshore connectivity through its advanced network architecture. With true global coverage designed to serve all oil rigs, exploration, including polar routes, our secure network allows for reliable real-time connectivity for oil and gas connectivity. Our state-of-the-art

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The future of mines in Africa depends on connectivity . Technology, such as the Industrial Internet of Things and virtual reality, is transforming safety, productivity Mining companies can trust our Satellite Communications service to increase productivity and efficiency and ensure a very smooth flow of operation in remote parts of the world. Most mining companies

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ENETSKY offers NGO Partnership Program.


Satellite Solutions For Non-Governmental Organizations Reliable internet for NGO’s and humanitarian aid Enetsky provides reliable end-to-end Internet solutions, allowing your organization to focus on your core business, aid. Our services excel by offering local support and installation through our local teams present in our offices Sudan, Central African Republic, Chad and DRC Managed VSAT networksIf

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Lightning-fast Internet Everywhere


Expand your network without limits Expand your network without limitsBeyond your network, there are unconnected communities – schools, hospitals, businesses, even in Africa – excluded from the online world. In an industry first, our multi-orbit satellite fleet provides a viable way for you to bridge their digital divide Flexible bandwidth allocation Mbps or multi-gigabit, city

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