The future of mines in Africa depends on connectivity .

Technology, such as the Industrial Internet of Things and virtual reality, is transforming safety, productivity

Mining companies can trust our Satellite Communications service to increase productivity and efficiency and ensure a very smooth flow of operation in remote parts of the world. Most mining companies operate in remote locations with unreliable or non-existent terrestrial telecom networks, presenting a challenging environment for effective and efficient communication. Mining companies need reliable communications during exploration, mine development, production and closure that minimizes the need for a headquarter resources expert to travel to remote locations, reducing traveling costs and improves decision making.
High Speed
A slow connection that times out or takes minutes for a page to load is barely better than no connection at all. Enetsky Lightspeed allows you to download at a minimum of 50 Mbps and upload at 10 Mbps, for a true broadband internet experience.
LEO technology is more cost-effective for ubiquitous coverage than fiber-optic and microwave alternatives. Our open infrastructure and disruptive pricing empower small, local ISPs and wireless providers to expand their coverage and compete for customers.
With a constellation of ~300 satellites providing global coverage, plus the most advanced space architecture ever developed, Enetsky Lightspeed provides unprecedented reliability

Connectivity platforms

Satellite networks
Hybrid networks
2-way radio
Wireless access solutions (WLAN, WiFi, mobility)

Supported business operations

Intranet and Internet (VPN)
Voice lines and managed PBX
Video conferencing
Visiting/resident contractors’ access network
Business continuity