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About Us

 Mission , Vision & Values

 Executive Team

The leadership team at Enetsky is responsible for achieving our mission, living our values and unifying our associates around our common vision. 
Mission: is to bridge the digital divide — unlocking true value of African
Vision: To deliver the most reliable Connectivity with unparalleled customer support

Enetsky CEO
Wilson Esua

Chief Executive Officer

Mildrid Esua

Chief Financial Officer

Columbus Fonjock

Columbus Fonjock

Senior Vice President, Global Sales

Enetsky Family:

Listens, understands and is responsive to needs and concerns
Supports businesses with innovative solutions and consultation Builds trust through accountability, loyalty, fairness and integrity Communicates clearly, openly and on a timely basis

Values Among Ourselves

We are Ambassadors for Enetsky Inc. We demonstrate professionalism in all we do. We engage in critical thinking and deliberative discussion, and then, act with a sense of urgency to accomplish our goals, while remaining accountable for our actions

Delivering For You

In a fast-changing world, we exist to help you keep pace. Whether it’s broadcasting video, streaming content or connecting the remotest corners of the earth, we are continually adapting and innovating to ensure you can deliver on your promises 

Enetsky-Satellite-Internet with two grils doing hom work

Our Commitment

Full access We will not block any legal internet content, applications, or services based on their source or content
Full speed We will not throttle or slow down any internet traffic based on its source or content
Fair handling of traffic We will not prioritize traffic in a way that harms competition or consumers
Full information We will describe our internet access services and our plans in plain language so customers can make informed choices.
High quality service Our overriding commitment is to provide you with the high-quality service you expect from Enetsky


Bridge the digital divide — unlocking true value of African