About Us

Purpose, Mission , Vision & Values

Connecting the people and businesses of sub-Saharan Africa and beyond takes extraordinary commitment and technology. Being who and what our customers and community can rely on takes even more than that. It takes heart and hard work. That’s the real difference. Saying what we mean and meaning what we say, and then doing it, consistently for over time. That is our legacy. By continually striving to exceed expectations, we create an environment where customers are invited to Expect More
Our purpose, mission, vision, and values in action—which we call The Enetsky Way—as well as our unified approach to providing an Unmatched Client Experience create a bold culture which enables us to serve in extraordinary ways. 
Our Leadership
Our Executive Team works to deliver a successful business for the benefit of shareholders, employees and our partners.
Accountability, agility, respect and excellence. These key values shape the way we work, from the top of the organization down
Purpose: To help those in sub-Saharan Africa unlock their full potential
Mission: is to bridge the digital divide 
Vision: To deliver the most reliable Connectivity with unparalleled customer support

Executive Team

Wilson Esua

Chief Executive Officer

Enetsky CEO work on strategy, organization, and culture. Specifically, they may look at how capital is allocated across the Enetsky , or how to build teams to succeed

enetskyt cfo
Mildrid Esua

Chief Financial Officer

Enetsky CFOs work to protect the vital assets of the Enetsky, ensure compliance with financial regulations, close the books correctly, and communicate value and risk issues to investors and boards.




Team first
Customer focused
Can-do attitude
Be Honest and act with integrity
Own your results


Diverse organizations are stronger and teams with diverse viewpoints are more resilient. IDEAL, which stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Learning, is a collaborative group of employee volunteers. IDEAL’s mission is to create, nurture and sustain an inclusive culture where differences drive innovation and empathy drives connection.

Delivering For You

In a fast-changing world, we exist to help you keep pace. Whether it’s broadcasting video, streaming content or connecting the remotest corners of the earth, we are continually adapting and innovating to ensure you can deliver on your promises 

Enetsky-Satellite-Internet with two grils doing hom work

Our Commitment

Full access We will not block any legal internet content, applications, or services based on their source or content
Full speed We will not throttle or slow down any internet traffic based on its source or content
Fair handling of traffic We will not prioritize traffic in a way that harms competition or consumers
Full information We will describe our internet access services and our plans in plain language so customers can make informed choices.
High quality service Our overriding commitment is to provide you with the high-quality service you expect from Enetsky


Bridge the digital divide