Government Solutions

Enetsky Government Solutions

Unprecedented performance, flexibility, and scale

As you strengthen operations with digital technology, we provide commercial satellite systems that stand up to the increasing data demands of military, social, and economic campaigns

Enetsky Government Solutions, government and allies require – and the information superiority and mission assurance they demand. Leveraging our state-of-the-art satellite , our secure and responsive global network offers resilient infrastructure; real-time operation management; and morale, welfare and recreation connectivity for remote personnel on long-term assignments
High Throughput
Gigabits per second speeds to a remote, and multiple Tbps of capacity in the network ensures enterprise-grade, secure connectivity for unconstrained full motion HD video dissemination, multi-spectral imagery, and command and control links
Low Latency
Our network is about 20-times more responsive than today’s geosynchronous satellites and on par with fiber networks. Government users can be confident that Enetsky Lightspeed delivers a faster OODA Loop decision cycle
High Capacity
Our intelligent network can dynamically allocate bandwidth to theaters of operations with high traffic demand.
Assured Access
Highly resilient network with multiple interconnected satellites and ground nodes without any single point of failure ensures networks always stay connected.


  • Flexibility for supporting multiple satellites and C- and Ku- bands
  • Rapid deployment, tough and lightweight remotes for field operation
  • Improved IP system interoperability
  • CTRANSEC security
  • FIPS 140-2 security
  • STANAG security

Theatre Solutions

  • Complete System Solutions
  • Fixed Ground Terminals
  • Transportable Terminals
  • Network Management

Enetsky has been actively supplying the military with these services in many locations across the globe for a number or years and is proud of the relationship we have with the armed forces