Enetsky Portability and Mobility



Enterprise Networking Deliver high-performance connectivity to distributed enterprises and government agencies where users most need it. Making enterprise-grade networking more widely accessible than ever, Enetsky managed Enterprise Networking services provide the critical lifeline needed to fuel innovation and digital transformation strategies through secure, reliable private networking, SD-WAN and cloud connectivity, and internet access, for proven […]

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Corporate Networks


We Go Where No One Else Takes Connectivity in An Easy & Fast Way, Facilitating Your Operation In Remote Environments In Sub-Saharan Africa. Integrate all your critical operations through the internet with Enetsky satellite channels, regardless of location in Sub-Saharan Africa, geographic challenges or installation time, with high levels of quality and availability and maximizing

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Satellite Distribution

Are there still viewers you wish you could reach? Your success relies on the size of your audience. Satellite remains the most cost-effective way to reach as many viewers as possible. Our satellite network has the coverage and capacity to deliver standard definition, high definition and ultra-high-definition signal anywhere on the planet. On top of

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backhaul solutions enable mobile network

Internet & Backhaul

Backhaul solutions for mobile network operators Enetsky ’s customized backhaul solutions enable mobile network operators to expand their coverage and services, while Enetsky and trusted partners manage the satellite backhaul Enetsky ADVANCE Backhaul is a suite of tailored solutions designed for mobile operators, carriers, service integrators and rural connectivity operators. It offers resilient connectivity for

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Increase revenues, reduce costs, simplify operations Come join AMOS-17’s powerful broadcast platform with hundreds of channels already reaching tens of millions of African viewers. Located at 17°E with optimal coverage of Western and Central Africa, AMOS-17 is the hottest spot for free-to-air channels . Africa’s most powerful, digitally advanced broadcast video platform is ready for

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broadcasting video, streaming content or connecting the remotest corners of the Africa

Hybrid Internet Solutions

Hybrid Internet Solutions Enetsky’s innovative Hybrid Cellular-Satellite internet solution takes advantage of satellite capacity and vast coverage to offer high speed broadband download to personal and business users, while leveraging the more economic service of existing cellular networks, for a cost-effective upload.In doing so, Enetsky provides a cost-effective solution for expanding terrestrial infrastructure, and narrows

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Enetsky Mobile Backhaul

Mobile Backhaul

Lightning-fast Internet Everywhere Beyond terrestrial: unlock the opportunitiesMost mobile base stations are connected by fibre or microwave. But, in mountainous regions, low-density communities, or for remote industry, the economics of investing in this infrastructure are riskyOur managed mobile backhaul service uses satellite to connect your core network with hard-to-reach locations – from a single site

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Enetsky-Emergency Communication

Emergency Communications

Enetsky Emergency Communications Solutions for Disaster Preparation & Response. When disaster strikes, staying connected matters more than ever – whether for first response, medical support, public safety, recovery efforts, essential supplies or helping citizens tell family and friends that they are okay. And when terrestrial lines and cell towers are damaged by storms, floods and

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