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Bridging the digital divide and ensuring all Africans have access to broadband connectivity is about more than just the convenience of streaming entertainment or a requirement for business, government and education – connectivity is quickly becoming an essential way of providing high quality medical care. Telehealth services can connect rural and remote patients with general physicians and medical specialists located in urban centers via broadband internet connectivity, but many are in areas far beyond the reach of terrestrial mobile broadband coverage cannot access this connectivity. Because satellite broadband has a unique ability to offer service in unserved and underserved regions, it can help bridge the telehealth digital divide between the connected and unconnected
High Throughput
Gigabits per second speeds to a remote, and multiple Tbps of capacity in the network ensures enterprise-grade, secure connectivity for unconstrained full motion HD video dissemination, multi-spectral imagery, and command and control links.
Low Latency
Our network is about 20-times more responsive than today’s geosynchronous satellites and on par with fiber networks. Government users can be confident that Enetsky Lightspeed delivers a faster OODA Loop decision cycle
High Capacity
Our intelligent network can dynamically allocate bandwidth to theaters of operations with high traffic demand.

Take advantage of 2x more data and No Hard Data Limits3
Fusion plans now have more data, with 100 GB and 200 GB options available. Every Internet plan we offer comes with No Hard Data Limits, which means if you exceed your plan data, you’ll stay connected. However, during high-traffic periods, you may experience reduced speeds.

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