6 dedicated high powered C-band beams

Technical Information

  • Revision: May 2017
  • Beam: C-Band Africa
  • Frequency Range: Standard C-Band
  • Polarization: Linear
  • Modem: iDirect X1,X3,X5, X7
  • Rx Frequency Range: 625–4.200 GHz
  • Tx Frequency Range: 850–6.425 GHz
  • Orbital Slot: 46˚ East

Key Features

Excellent performance for VoIP and VPN.– Free Evolution upgrades available with qualifying subscription payments.– Adaptive Coding Modulation for the highest efficiency and reliability of connection.

Preliminary Link Budgets 48 dBW Contour

512 kbps Uplink: 1.8 m and 5 Watt
1 Mbps Uplink: 2.4 m and 5 Watt

The price list does not include individual discounts and special offers

Service fees for basic VSAT connections can start as low as $50 per month, while more advanced plans with higher data allowances and faster speeds can cost several hundred dollars per month