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Central African Republic VSAT & Satellite Internet Providers


Lightning-fast Internet Central African Republic

Enetsky offers Internet Service Providers reliable and cost-effective satellite connectivity to seamlessly extend dependable and secure community connectivity, enabling an economically viable infrastructure for underserved communities to have reliable Internet connectivity.
our advanced, global Low Earth Orbit network, will provide the cutting-edge, low latency and low cost backhaul links to connect communities, schools and healthcare facilities. With Enetsky Lightspeed, we will bridge the digital divide with our advanced network architecture, expanding high-quality coverage and delivering seamless fibre-like backhaul for a superior customer experience.
Low Latency
Gigabits per second speeds and 20 times more responsive than today’s satellites for better voice, video streaming and security that matches fibre connectivity.
Always On
Highly resilient network with multiple interconnected satellites and ground nodes without any single point of failure ensures your customers always stay connected.
High Speed
A slow connection that times out or takes minutes for a page to load is barely better than no connection at all. Enetsky Lightspeed allows you to download at a minimum of 50 Mbps and upload at 10 Mbps, for a true broadband internet experience.
LEO technology is more cost-effective for ubiquitous coverage than fiber-optic and microwave alternatives. Our open infrastructure and disruptive pricing empower small, local ISPs and wireless providers to expand their coverage and compete for customers .
With a constellation of ~300 satellites providing global coverage, plus the most advanced space architecture ever developed, Enetsky Lightspeed provides unprecedented reliability

A one-stop-shop for optimal connectivity in the CAR

Our local consultants are available to answer all your questions. T: +236 74 30 92 05
Our satellites supporting Central African Republic include Telstar 11N, Africasat 1A, ABS-2, Arabsat 5C and NSS-1

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