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Internet Backhaul

Lightning-fast Internet Everywhere in Republic of Chad

Potential to learn, Potential to grow, Potential to prosper.
The digital divide is real
Unserved and underserved Internet connectivity prevents people from participating in and benefitting from today’s digital economy. This includes opportunities for education, job advancement and access to health information, which are essential to the prosperity and empowerment of communities.
High Speed
A slow connection that times out or takes minutes for a page to load is barely better than no connection at all. Enetsky Lightspeed allows you to download at a minimum of 50 Mbps and upload at 10 Mbps, for a true broadband internet experience
LEO technology is more cost-effective for ubiquitous coverage than fiber-optic and microwave alternatives. Our open infrastructure and disruptive pricing empower small, local ISPs and wireless providers to expand their coverage and compete for customers.
With a constellation of ~300 satellites providing global coverage, plus the most advanced space architecture ever developed, Enetsky Lightspeed provides unprecedented reliability