Enterprise and Broadband

Today’s enterprises are fully dependent on reliable connectivity at all corporate locations for faster, more secure transactions and improved productivity that results from the ability to share information between entities. More and more applications are moving from centralized data centre to the cloud, which required a reliable and efficient access. Corporate IT departments have to migrate traditional WAN topology to SD-WAN services that includes a mix of connectivity technology. Satellite by its high availability and reliability has become a key component in designing these intelligent cloud centric network.
The success of today’s organizations and enterprises require networks that are easy to plan, install and operate, with quick deployment for fast revenue generation and OPEX reduction.

Enterprise and Broadband

Get connected faster with satellite internet

ST Engineering iDirect develops telco-grade satellite communications technology and solutions for broadband access services and enterprise applications, serving a wide range of markers from narrow band IoT/SCADA to high-speed cloud access and from broadband internet access to highly secure VPN/IPSec networks across many enterprise segments.